Monster Castle Wiki

Sam's Doom Fortress[]

Declaring War[]

You must first declare war before you can engage Sam in battle.


After declaring war, you'll be given battle time. You can attack Sam's Doom Fortress multiple times within this time.


After battle is over, the 'Declare War' option will be in cooldown. You will need to wait for cooldown to end before declaring battle again.

Battle in the Standard Area[]

Send out troops to destroy the defensive structures in the castles' bottom floors. Be sure to reserve some troops, though. You'll need them for the even more difficult battle ahead.

Battle in the Core Area[]

You must destroy the defensive structures on the bottom floors and then have troops reach the Core of Sam's Battle Fortress before you'll be able to attack the Core. Once any invaders make it to the Core, Sam will deploy more defensive structures and send in some of his troops to kill the invaders. After Sam starts sending in his defensive troops, you can send your troops directly in to fight them or attack the Core.

Sam's Battle Fortress HP and Rewards[]

The Core of Sam's Fortress is protected with steel casing. Each time a layer of the casing is destroyed, you will get some resource rewards and deal damage to the Core's protection.


After the World Boss is gone, players will get rewards based on the amount of points they accrued. Rewards will be sent out via in game mail. Players can get points by attacking Sam's Doom Fortress. For every structure destroyed in a single battle against the Fortress, you will get 1 point. Each time you destroy the Core, you will get 3 points. Only points obtained in the first 5 times you declare war each week will count. Points received after that will not be counted.

Alliance Ranking Rewards[]

Each week after the World Boss is finished, Alliances will get rewards based on their Points Ranking. If a player quits an alliance while the World Boss is still going on, the points gotten by that player will be deducted from the Alliance's points.

Individual Ranking Rewards[]

Each week after the World Boss is finished, players will get rewards based on the Points Ranking.

Individual Points Rewards[]

Each week after the World Boss is finished, if you reach the Points requirements, you will get the corresponding reward. If you are already qualified to get the Individual Ranking Reward, you will not get the Individual Points Reward.