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Monster Lord's castle is well-designed and full of traps. Greedy bats hiding in the dark and grim pumpkins running around. Along with the death of howling, the door of alchemical room slowly opened. Orcs and Goblins are standing by. Armor up! It’s time to fight the humans! Take advantage of Monster Castle’s unique vertical tower defense gameplay to strategically fight your way to victory alongside millions of other players!
~ from the Steam store page
Monster Castle is a mobile vertical tower defense and strategy game originally by Sixjoy Hong Kong Limited and currently a product of Lemix Studio. Lead your monsters to build a new stronghold and defend against invasions from wicked humans. Play as an exiled chief of monsters, rebuild an abandoned castle, forge your own army, and fight for the freedom of monsters everywhere!
Sixjoy Hong Kong Limited and Lemix Studio
Sixjoy Hong Kong Limited and Lemix Studio
Platforms and Release dates
March 5, 2019
December 4, 2015

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