Monster Castle Wiki

What is the Transformation System?[]

In v2.0, we are introducing a new system into Monster Castle called Transformation. Transformations can be applied to Monsters and Buildings to give them various stat buffs and special powers, giving you an extra edge in battles.

How do I Upgrade the Transformation?[]

Monsters can upgrade their transformations from within the Laboratory. Buildings can upgrade their transformations from each individual buildings themselves after selecting them.


Monsters and buildings with transformations will also have different visual appearances based on the transformations being used.


Transformations are complex and we need special materials in order to upgrade them. These materials are Soul Ores and Soul Ingots.

Mc-soulore.png Mc-soulingot.png

How do I Obtain the Materials?[]

Ores are raw materials that needs to be synthesized into ingots before they are ready to be used in transformation upgrades. In order to synthesize ores into ingots, you need the Alchemy Room. This is a new buildings available starting at Throne level 7 and will allow players to convert various items into their greater forms.


Soul ores and ingots can be obtained by stealing from other players by destroying their Alchemy Room as well as from other sources such as Medal Tier rewards, Black Market, Sam's Doom Fortress, and in-game Events.

Ores can only be stolen when they are being synthesized, and the amount that can be stolen is dependent on the attacker and defender's Throne level. If the attacker's Throne level is significantly higher, little to no ores may be stolen!

The skill books upgrade will also be moved from the Resource section in the Store to the Alchemy Room (Skill Book Formula). Furthermore, players can also use the Alchemy Room to convert lower tier Battle Support troops into high tier ones (Battle Support Formula).

Tip: There is a daily limit to how many ores can be synthesized,

so make sure that you plan accordingly!

Tip: During the synthesis, ores that are being processed

will be vulnerable and anyone who successfully destroyed

your Alchemy Room may be able to steal some of them! Protect it well!

Soul Ores from Daily Medal Tier Rewards[]

Medal Tier Medal Soul Ore
No Level 0 - 199 0
Casual I 200 - 399 0
Casual II 400 - 599 0
Casual III 600 - 799 0
Pro I 800 - 899 60
Pro II 900 - 1099 80
Pro III 1100 - 1299 100
Elite I 1300 - 1499 120
Elite II 1500 - 1699 140
Elite III 1700 - 1899 160
Master I 1900 - 2099 180
Master II 2100 - 2299 200
Master III 2300 - 2599 220
Monster Overlord 2600+ 240

Soul Ores from Sam's Doom Fortress[]

Cumulative Points Soul Ore
100 50
150 100
250 150
350 200
500 250
700 300
1100 350

What do Transformations Provide?[]

Apart from giving basic boost in HP and Damage (when applicable), each transformation also provides a unique effect or buff. Example include Stagnate Crossbow applying slow effect to the enemy target as well as giving HP and Damage buffs. Transformations can be upgraded up to level 5, giving even greater buffs and/or effects.


Transformations come in different branches, each providing different effects for you to choose from.


Once researched, monsters and (individual) buildings will be able to switch freely between different branches at any time.

Tip: Transformation upgrades are prestigious and extremely costly.

It is advised to pick a branch carefully and concentrate

your resources in upgrading it since only 1 branch

may be activated at a time even if you upgrade other branches as well!

How Many Transformations are Available Now?[]

As of update, 2 buildings and 1 monster have transformation upgrades available (2 branches each). Start collecting ores and ingots to explore them now!

Increase shooting range
Apply slow effect to target
Giant Bomb
Increase bomb radius
Apply knock-out effect to target
Decrease area damage recevied
Precise Shot
Increase attack range