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Heroes garrisoned in the Hero Throne will join in an attack as well as defense. Each throne can only hold one hero. A hero's health will recover gradually while resting. They can also be healed immediately by using crystals. If a hero dies in battle, they will need continuous rest to recover. Heroes will not be able to participate in any battle until at least 50% of their health has been recovered.

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Hero Level[]

After earning enough experience, a hero level up. Every ten levels, a hero will have to undergo evolution before continuing leveling up. Heroes can earn an extra skill slot after evolution.

Hero Tiers[]

A hero's tier determines its level max.

  • Common heroes have a max level of 29.
  • Rare heroes have a max level of 39.
  • Epic heroes have a max level of 50.

Passive Skills[]

A hero will gain an additional passive skill slot after each evolution. A new passive skill can be learned in this slot and skill books can be used to upgrade this skill.

Skills can be switched at the cost of 10 bloodstones. Switching a skill retains the previous skill level so they can be switched back later.

Each hero evolution brings a free chance to switch or learn a skill. Tap 'Skill Catalogue' under the skill interface to see all passive skills.

Dread Points and Badges[]

Unlocking a hero for the first time will make the hero available for combat. Subsequently obtaining the same hero will increase the hero's Dread Points. Once a hero has accumulated enough Dread Points, a Dread Badge will be unlocked. Each Dread Badge will increase the hero's attack and HP by 10%. Each hero can obtain at most 5 Dread Badges.

List of Heroes[]

Name Tier Type Cost
Banshee.jpg Banshee Common Attacking hero 50
Berserker-Boar.jpg Berserker Boar Common Defensive hero 50
Captain Reef.jpg Captain Reef Rare Defensive hero 200
Chomp.png Chomp Epic Defensive 800
Dr. Watt.png Dr. Watt Rare Team hero 200
Dryad1.jpg Dryad Common Team hero 50
Forest Priestess.jpg Forest Priestess Rare Team hero 200
Frankenstein.png Frankenstein Epic Team hero 800
Ghost-Samurais.jpg Ghost Samurai Epic Team hero 800
Great sage.png Great Sage Epic Defensive 800
Hellboxer.jpg Hellboxer Rare Attacking hero 200
Hunter-Master1.jpg Hunter Master Common Attacking hero 50
Invader.png Invader Epic Attacking 3200 💎
Jungle drummer.png Jungle drummer Epic Team hero 800
Lava-Lord.jpg Lava Lord Epic Defensive hero 800
Minotaur.png Minotaur Rare Defensive hero 200
Monkey-king.png Monkey King Rare Defensive hero 200
Rock-Giant.jpg Rock Giant Common Defensive hero 50
Rudolph.jpg Rudolph Epic Team hero 800
Storm-Tetrisnov.jpg Storm Tetrisnov Rare Attacking hero 200
Undead-Pharaoh.jpg Undead Pharaoh Epic Defensive hero 800
Vlad.png Vlad Epic Attacking 3 200💎
Warchild.jpg Warchild Common Attacking hero 50
Yeti.jpg Yeti Epic Attacking hero 800